This One Thing Will Make Your DIY Wedding Stand Out

Here’s the question: Will your DIY wedding be remembered for the right reasons?

First, I have to say “Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!” Now, we can get to business.

Will it be remembered for the completed intimate touches that you took months to plan? Or will it be remembered for out of place tables and poorly setup centerpieces. Yeah, those are two extremes, but that is what is on the line if you don’t know the one thing that will make your DIY wedding stand out…for good.

Before we get into that, let’s briefly look at all the different pieces that need to come together on your wedding day.

  • How flexible is the venue? The venue controls the flexibility you have to have a DIY wedding. Some won’t even let you bring in your own photographer. Then, there’s the more relaxed venues that just want every vendor to have insurance.
  • How will you decorate your special location? Centerpieces, flowers, bouquets and linens can all fall under this category. You need to have someone present and ready on your wedding day to make sure each special touch you’ve planned out goes into action.
  • What will you eat on your wedding day? There’s an age-old joke that the couple of honor rarely eats on their wedding day because there are so many things to do and people to see. Wouldn’t it be nice to make sure there was a person that put it on her schedule to ensure that you ate that night?

Take what I am about to say with a grain of salt…

I’ve yet to meet the friend that will tell the bride that the wedding stunk. Of course, there will be style differences: rustic or modern, indoor or outdoor venue, and the timeless question of hydrangeas or sunflowers. These style differences are a matter of opinion but the execution of all the planning you’ve done is a matter of fact.

So, let’s continue on to your big day, and find out what one thing will make your wedding stand out for the best.

Then, Comes Your Wedding Day

Now, is the time all your hard work pays off. You found the best venue. You have the best vendors working for you. It’s time for you to sit back and enjoy the food, company, and dancing.

That’s how that works right?

Well, not quite. I’ve seen the aftermath of weddings (and events) where the bride handed off a timeline to a friend and assumed everything would be done. That would be amazing if that is the way it worked, but I could never trust my timeline to someone that was not truly familiar with it- and this is the fatal flaw of too many DIY weddings: underestimating the preparation to coordinate the wedding day.

Did you know that wedding day coordinators spend 30-50 hours on your wedding just to make sure that your wedding day goes off without a hitch?

Of course, your wedding and wedding rehearsal will take about 10-12 hours, so what does a wedding day coordinator do just for you in the rest of the 20-38 hours?

  • Review all your vendor contracts
  • Visit the venue to become familiar with the space before the wedding rehearsal
  • Contact all your vendors to become the main point of contact (so you don’t have to do it)
  • Create a timeline for your vendors
  • Confirm with each vendor that they understand their timeline
  • Create an abridged timeline for your wedding party
  • Meet face-to-face with the couple to go over the details and make sure everything is up to par
  • Coordinate the events of the wedding rehearsal
  • Pay vendors at the end of the wedding
  • Responding to unlimited calls and emails from the couple
  • And much, much more!

How do you expect even your most responsible friend to coordinate with the vendors if they don’t know where they should set up and are not familiar with the event space?

That’s a recipe for disaster!

So, what can you do instead? Find a wedding day coordinator that is ready to put in 30-50 hours just to make sure your wedding day goes off how you expect it.

Many wedding day coordinators in Tampa Bay get involved with a wedding 2-4 weeks before the wedding, so don’t worry if you’re slightly freaking out because your wedding is quickly approaching and you don’t have a coordinator yet.

A wedding day coordinator is the perfect addition to your DIY wedding to make sure it stands out for all the right reasons. It all starts with a free consultation.

Just click right here to schedule your free consultation now.

About KT

KT’s a Florida native that discovered her love of event planning first through volunteering then through planning elaborate brunches for her friends. About 2 years ago, she started planning high-end business events from Las Vegas to Costa Rica. She’s witnessed the extremes of DIY weddings in Tampa Bay from plans falling apart to watching guests becoming staff and realized that her skills catering to high-end clients should be brought to each and every wedding at a reasonable price.


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