It’s Time To Rethink Event Sponsors

Event Sponsors
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What Are Event Sponsors?

If you look at the dictionary definition of a sponsor, it says a sponsor provides funds for a project. This is true but that’s not the only thing you want event sponsors do.

In my efforts to help you expand the type of sponsors you look for, I’m going to share what you should look for in sponsors aside from the money.

While money is great and can really help any event out, it is not the only thing you should be looking for.

In short, event sponsors provide support for your event. Let’s look at the type of support these sponsors should provide.

1. Promote The Objective Of Your Event

The type of sponsors you work with says alot about your event. You can’t take the money of any business that comes your way. Well, you can, but that could hurt your credibility.

If your event is about food waste and minimalism, then the best sponsors would be businesses or brands that are aligned with your goals. And the better sponsors know this as well.

Companies that just want to get their name out there will give you money, but it’s when they show up to the event that the issue lies. They may have careless practices or just looking for shameless promotion at your event.

2. Give Your Event Credibility

Sponsors can give your event credibility by choosing sponsors that are leaders in their field and similar to the objectives of your event.

If you can’t tell by know, I am a firm believer that you need to know what your event objectives are and do everything you can to make sure they are expressed in your event.

3. Provide Content For Your Event

Sometimes, you don’t need money for your event. You’ve sold tickets, items were donated, and now you need content.

This can be for charity events or for-profit events.

“Hold on a minute! The only content I want at my event is mine.” If that’s you, then you should expand your idea for you event.

When you are clear about your objectives with the sponsors that provide content, they will make sure that it is in line with your event. Their content will promote the overall benefit that your event is providing.

How Do You Make Sure To Get The Best Sponsors?

It comes down to 2 things: setting your event objectives and finding business or brands that can support that. When you nail down those 2 things, you won’t feel like you need to compromise on your ideas and vision just for event funds.

Honestly, that is why you meet with a event professional like myself that is laser-focused on your event from beginning to end. I’ll go over your vision, your event objectives, help you reach out to sponsors, and continue with you until the event is completed.

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