Are You Guilty of These 6 Wedding Pet Peeves?

It’s your wedding and you should celebrate however you want. With that being said, i thought it would be interesting to hear some common pet peeves from brides and guests.

CAUTION: You cannot please everyone and that’s the real point of sharing this with you. I’m letting you know this know so you don’t get frustrated before you even start reading. Don’t worry though, we also spoke about ways to handle these situations, because I love happy endings.

1. Assigned seating

Honest to goodness I HATE assigned seating. Just reserve a few tables for the wedding party and close family then let everyone else sit by whoever they want. It’s not that big of a deal!

Weddings are generally more formal events where everything has its place and time, even the guests. Imagine a plated dinner with no assigned seating? That would be a nightmare for the event staff and the guests and no one wants that. Of all the pet peeves, this one is perhaps the easiest one to ignore.

2. Not Having Assigned Seating

This is super hard though because it ends up groups of people or families can’t find enough seats together! If my family of six just had to “find seats anywhere” we’d never figure it out lol we’d have to ask couples to move whole tables haha

(See above for irony) The same issue of formality and order come into play here. Sometimes, if a wedding is not very formal there’s really no need for assigned seating, but it also means that some of your guests may feel like they don’t have a place.

3. Having Phones Out During The Ceremony

As a wedding attendee, I hate when people have their phones out! Let the professional photographers do their job. Just sit back and enjoy watching your loved ones get married! It’s a big deal and you’re missing it because you’re too worried about getting a photo.

Phones and photos are accepted in more places than ever today. We all feel like visual historians, but it should stop at wedding ceremonies. We know you want to have photos to remember the event and post online, but the bride and groom have generally paid a professional to do that same thing. However, the difference is that many guests get in the way of photographers and videographers when they hold up their phones to take that perfect shot of the bride.

Don’t be that person. Get photos from the bride and groom after the wedding is done.

4. Having Children At The Ceremony

This may get me in trouble, but babies/loud toddlers at the ceremony. 😬 That said, we provided a nursery during our ceremony, and we wanted all the littles at our reception!

There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to children at your wedding, however, there are good and bad ways to deal with excluding children. For example, if alot of your quests are coming form out-of-town, it would be nice to provide a list of options for their children. Notice, I did not say proper or polite, but rather nice. It’s not required to give them these options, but if you deal with it before your friends and family have to ask, they will appreciate it so much.

Whether you want all the adults to have a fun night out or you can’t afford the cost to include children, deal with this delicately.

5. Glass Clinking To Make The Couple Kiss

I HATE the glass clinking to get the couple to kiss at the reception. HATE IT. I mean, it’s not like they’ve never kissed before. (Side Note: I’ve been to two weddings where the couple’s first kiss was at the alter and in those circumstances the glass clinking was okay but otherwise, just no.)

Where does this even come from, you might ask? Some say it’s a sign of trust that comes all the way form the Medieval times. If it’s your wedding, you can add a note on your wedding website addressing glass clinking. However, there are plenty of couples that don’t mind this age-old tradition.

6. Leaving Your Guests To Entertain Themselves Between The Ceremony And Reception

as a guest i find it annoying when I have to go off and find something to do between the ceremony and reception – this usually happens if the two are at different locations and the couple goes off to take pictures. It’s especially frustrating when the wedding is out of town and I might not know the area or be able to go back home or have transportation.

Please notice that I’m not saying there is right or wrong, just giving a possible solution to some common pet peeves, but this point, is a big deal. When you have your ceremony and reception in different locations, you officially become a logistics specialist for your wedding. While there is noting you are specifically responsible for, there is one major issue that you should be mindful of for you guests- their time.

If the reception venue will not be available when your ceremony is finished, give your guests some ideas on local restaurants or coffee shops they could wait. Or, arrange for them to stay at the ceremony location to wait while the reception venue gets ready. If possible, just don’t leave your guests to figure it out themselves-they’ll thank you later.

If you’re planning you’re wedding in Tampa/ St. Pete, FL then you can discuss these type of details with your wedding planner or wedding coordinator, depending where you are in the process.

If you’re looking for a wedding day coordinator, give me a call at 727-808-9875 or visit the “Say Hello” section to request me give you a call.

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