7 Special Details That Will Make Your Wedding Extra Special

Planning your wedding is a big undertaking and I believe you should make your wedding extra special. Everyone is telling you what you should do to keep up with the Jones’s and ancient traditions, when all you need is for your wedding to be special. So, here’s a list of 8 special details that you can include in your wedding to make it very fun and/or extra special.

Make Personalized menus

You’d be surprised how many people save wedding invitations, save-the-dates, and personalized menus for scrapbooks and keepsakes. Personalized menus are not a requirement, but when your guests walk into the reception area and see the menus, they it will remember that special touch.

Every month, I plan a brunch for a local business and the guests always stop and look at the menus. They love the business name on the top, that the colors match the business logo, and that you chose a menu that uses inspiration from the business.

Your guests will notice the time you spend or don’t spend on the big moments as well as the little moments. Beautiful event venues are a dime a dozen. Your wedding can stand out with the special moments you add. Remember, it’s not about spending money but rather putting more attention to the details.

Hire Entertainment To Make Your Wedding Extra Special

Depending on your style and vision for your wedding, you have a lot of options for entertainment. It’s almost impossible to make a wrong decision here as long as you keep your guests entertained. Just be sure that the entertainment you choose fits with the type of wedding you’re having. For example, a mini ballet show may not be a good fit for a rustic wedding at a barn.

Here’s some ideas to get you started:

  • DJs
  • Cover bands
  • Line dancing lessons
  • Photo booths

Plan An Informal After Party

Somehow weddings create stress for the couple as well as the guests that gets let out at the actual wedding. Depending on city noise ordinances or venue rental time periods, your guests will get kicked out the the reception space before the night is really done. If you plan ahead, you can make a reservation for your guests at a nearby bar or nightclub so they can keep the party going. For most places, this won’t cost you anything and they can pick up the tab for their own drinks.

Get Creative With Your Wedding Programs

Many couples are saving trees by opting to skip printing wedding programs. While this is a great choice, you can also show off your style and personality with your wedding programs.

You can create a newspaper for your special day with the story of your love being the front page headline or centerfold.

Make Your Send Off Memorable

In many locations, you can’t throw rice, petals or seeds, which explains the growing popularity of sparklers, but sparkler’s aren’t the only options. If you have extra funds in your budget, you can upgrade sparklers to a full-blown firework display. One of my favorite choices would be Chinese lanterns. It allows for a more intimate sendoff while each of the guests gently prepare the lanterns to fly away- not to mention an incredible photo and video moment.

Make You Wedding Extra Special
Paper lanterns to make your wedding extra special

Be Mindful of Children

It is your decision whether you invite children to your wedding. Whatever your decision, you should sill be mindful of what will be best for the kids, parents, and childless guests.

For The Childless wedding

If you’re asking all the children to stay home, you still need to remember your ring bearer and flower girl. Will you let those two exceptions stay for an hour of the reception? Or will you ask their parents to take them back home and ultimately miss part of cocktail hour? Another option is letting the babysitter come to the ceremony only. Then he/she can take the kids home before the reception, (and you won’t have to pay for the extra plate for the babysitter.)

For The Kid-Friendly Wedding

Notice how there is no section for the kind-of kid-friendly wedding? You should either have kids or not  have kids. Your wedding is not the time to play favorites or use it to invite the “good kids”.

Hire A Wedding Day Coordinator

The Secret Weapon To Make Your Wedding Extra Special

A wedding coordinator makes sure that every vendor executes their jobs to make your wedding extra special. Your coordinator will be your extra set of hands and silent partner the last 2-4 weeks before your wedding.

Who will gather all your guests outside for your send off? Your wedding coordinator.

Who will be the main contact with all of your vendors? Your wedding coordinator.

Who will help you sort out your problems with your vendors leading up to and during your wedding? You guessed it, your wedding coordinator.

If your venue does not offer a day-of coordinator, be sure to find one. It will be your greatest resource the entire month before your wedding. The best reason to hire a coordinator is that you don’t have to ask any of your wedding party or guests to leave the festivities to “work” on your wedding. A coordinator will also know how to deal with unexpected issues as they come up without alarming you or the wedding party.

Your wedding day coordinator starts working on your wedding generally 2-4 weeks before your wedding. That means 2-4 weeks before your wedding your coordinator will talk to your vendors so you don’t have to. You have more important things to do, like resting before your big day!

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