7 Tips To Avoid A Boring Wedding

Go through this list and let me know how you plan to avoid having a boring wedding. With some careful planning and the support of your loved ones, it’s definitely possible. I can count on one finger the boring weddings that I have been to. Full disclosure, I was very young when I went to this wedding, so the nostalgia has worn off and the reason is not listed on this list.

When I went to a family wedding when I was a child, they had no plans for dealing with us kids. I was a flower girl and my cousin was the ring bearer and they expected up to be seen and not heard. Not bueno. I remember the wedding though- it was beautiful.

Enough about me, let’s look at some ways you can avoid having a boring wedding!

7 Tips To Avoid A Boring Wedding

1. Keeps the toasts short

Somehow, this tradition turned from carefully crafted words of love to drawn out drunk messes. Of course, this would never happen at your wedding, because you would give the expectation that you only want precise, sober thoughts as a toast to your new union.

2. Maintain some order

When the flower girl refuses to walk down the aisle or the caterer gets a flat tire, letting your guests what’s holding off your nuptials is not only nice but almost necessary. When we leave people to assume, they often assume the worst. So, it’s your job to control the narrative, have your wedding coordinator be comfortable to ease your guests minds so they don’t crowd you, the bridal party, or your parents.

3. Have a wow factor

It’s not about spending the most money to woo your guests or performing an elaborate song and dance- unless that’s your thing. Instead think about the experience of your friends and family at your wedding. If you’re going to get a DJ, how about choose a DJ with a great personality to get the party started and pumping for the whole night. If you’re not the DJ crowd, then you can get an interactive photo booth. Really, the options are endless and it doesn’t have to cost a lot to create a memorable moment or keepsake for your guests.

4. Give your guests free time

While you don’t want your wedding to go on for 8+ hours, you also don’t want your guests to feel like they are being rushed through the events. Give them enough time to travel to the reception location and enjoy a sophisticated cocktail or mocktail while the venue gets ready for dinner. This doesn’t mean you can’t keep to a schedule or that you have to add extra hours to your venue rental. It’s just a matter of being mindful of what you want to do, how long you have to do it, and any exceptional wedding coordinator in Tampa will help you make sure your timeline flows freely.

5. Don’t Add Activities Just Because Someone Says So

Weddings are filled with wonderful traditions and sometimes you can feel pressured to include some that have nothing to do with your beliefs or that you have no understanding of because of outside influences. It can happen to anyone, but if you find yourself unable to be excited for your day, the day that you and your soon-to-be betrothed will be the guests of honor, there’s something wrong.

6. Have plenty of food and drink at the wedding

No one says you have to have a full 6-course dinner at your wedding, but make sure you have enough food to go around. No one wants to be the wedding where you run out of mini beef wellingtons 20 minutes into your 60 minute cocktail hour.

7. Be In The Mood To Party!

You can’t expect your guests to have fun if you are running around stressed, crazed, and hangry. You’re the guests of honor, which means when everything is happening it’s all because of the decision the two of you have made in front of your loved ones. You deserve to have some fun with everyone that wants to wish you well on this epic chapter of your life.

The simplest way to make sure everything is taken care of so you and your family can be at ease to party is to hire a wedding coordinator.

A wedding coordinator will communicate with all your vendors 2-4 weeks before your wedding, meet with you face-to-face, visit the venue, and create timelines for each of your vendors all before wedding day so you don’t have to- but it doesn’t stop there. A wedding coordinator will be present and in control during your rehearsal, ceremony, and reception so you and your family can just enjoy the magical moment happening.

A wedding coordinator just might be more familiar with the details of your wedding than you are.

If you’re ready to have the peace of mind that comes with having a wedding coordinator then send me an email or give me a call at 727-808-9875.

I started planning high-end events for businesses over 2 years ago and as I continued going to weddings realized they were missing a VIP feel that should be present in every precious moment. I want to bring that VIP experience to you and your loved ones.

It starts with an email, call, or text to 727-808-9875.

I can’t wait to hear from you and how I can make your wedding a truly VIP experience.

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